Spec Group Operations Division and Protective Force International is located in Northern Las Vegas. Together our two firms are able to seamlessly service clients both in California and Nevada. Both our entities employ vetted, dedicated, and verified personnel to service our clientele. Our experienced specialists use proper protective strategies based on multiple government methodologies to ensure the safety of our clients. We have the capability to fulfill unarmed and armed personnel on a per-contract basis. The procedures we use in providing our clients proper security guard services are based off US military force protection methods for sensitive-site protection and facility protection applications.​


Spec Group and PFI offer a multitude of investigative services. Our prior and current law enforcement professionals can assist you the client in a plethora of needs. Private and government based services


Spec Group and PFI offers physical protection agents to its clients and also provides multiple technology solutions where needed. This enables our services to be multiple faceted solutions.


With over 100 years of combined law enforcement, military and other government sector experience. Our professional are able to provide cutting edge consulting solutions to clients.

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