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Spec Group Trainers in the field.


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Spec Group Operations Division, established in 2009, underwent a change in ownership in 2011 and is now proud to be under new leadership. Our team is comprised of passionate and highly skilled individuals, including retired, honorably separated, and disabled veterans from the US Military. Additionally, our staff includes professionals with backgrounds in state and federal law enforcement, bringing with them extensive experience in a wide range of specialized areas such as undercover assignments, surveillance, covert and special operations, tactical operations, emergency operations planning and management, major criminal and internal affairs investigations, traffic accident investigations, case management and preparation, counterintelligence, anti-terrorism, nuclear facility protection, threat assessments, and security consulting for the medical industry.

We have leveraged the expertise of our professional staff to expand our services. Spec Group now offers a comprehensive range of services, including private investigations, risk management applications in security, threat assessments, civil and criminal investigations, pre-employment background checks, embezzlement and fraud investigations, and internal affairs investigations for businesses of all sizes.

We are thrilled to announce that Spec Group is now recognized as a “Small Disabled Veteran Owned Enterprise” and is duly registered. We are actively pursuing additional certifications with both state and federal governments, which will not only create more employment and training opportunities but also foster career growth for our students and enable us to offer more job opportunities internally.

At Spec Group, we understand the paramount importance of security. Whether you require assistance with training, personal protection, or safeguarding your loved ones, we are here to address any inquiries you may have.

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